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Since our establishment in 1976 as a professional manufacturer of pumps in Korea, we have been making pumps with all our efforts and producing with the utmost confidence.
We have been exporting to over 20 countries in the world and are in the best position of the same industry. However, we are not satisfied with this, we are doing our best to make a leap forward and to be a perfect company for quality improvement and follow-up management. We will do our utmost to become the world's leading pump manufacturer that will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities with the utmost priority in customer satisfaction.

    A-RYUNG recognized in the world

At present, we have been exporting to the world's leading countries (more than 20 countries), have obtained international certification mark (CE, CSA, etc.) and have been recognized for our technology from all over the world. We are doing our best to satisfy our customers through quality control with the prescribed procedure by obtaining ISO-9001.

A-RYUNG has been studying !!

Our company policy is not only to sell a lot of products, but also to make pumps with the best quality at the best price and the best technology in the world.
For this end, A-ryung's researchers have been constantly researching and developing to supply better pumps to consumers, and based on this, all employees are working together from production to inspection. There is A-ryung in manufacturing best pumps.

A-RYUNG perfect in quality improvement and follow-up management

Our quality policy is "thorough customer satisfaction". In order to achieve this, we have carefully selected only the products that have been passed through production, quality control, inspection and supplied them to our customers.
Also, A-ryung always listens to the customer's voice and is constantly improving. We would like you to point out the things that we should improve for better quality and We promise to upgrade it.